The collection takes light cultural references from indigenous tribes of Africa and the intricately painted mud houses in rural Africa. A nomadic spirit shines through.It’s an exploration of cultures we haven’t seen growing up.

It’s a blend of masculine elements with feminine nuances.Our archives from past collections come through in some newer designs.Timeless versatile design is the cornerstone of our collection.

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About Us

Terra is a latin word for earth, extending to oneness with nature. At ‘The Terra Tribe’ we design contemporary clothing for people who are mindful of their impact on earth.


Sustainable and ethical practices are the core of the brand. We use locally manufactured Tencel, handwoven hemp, linen and organic cotton fabrics, which are some of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. The garments are dyed  using pigments that do not cause any major harm to the environment in any manner. We use recycled metal trims to the extent possible. We believe in transparency, good working conditions, least carbon footprint, impeccable quality, and circular ecosystem, embracing slow fashion at every step.

Peta Certified vegan.

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Happy Tribe

Wore the pants with the jacket today. Absolutely loved it.

-Tanya, Dubai

 Hi, I got the garment. Its super. Can’t wait to wear it.

-Shreelagna, Calcutta

I have never seen or worn pants that are this beautifully made. They fit like a

-Anya Gupta, Chandigarh